Good news!  Raven Recycling Society can now accept all sorts of e-waste (most anything with a cord or a battery) at their location on 100 Galena Road.

CFSY’s Wishlist  We can reuse some of these things, and in some cases provide a deal on the fees or securely overwrite your data.

There is a cost to recycle this material however.  Ultimately prices are charged at the discretion of the attendant at Raven because electronics are not created equal, but here is a general guideline for pricing:

White Goods: Fridges, Stoves, Washers, Dryers, Freezers (Freon Removed), Air conditioning units $12.00 to $35.00 generally

Large CRT Monitors and Large TV’s: $40.00

Large Flatscreen (LCD or LED) Monitors or TV’s (30″ or larger): $30.00 *

Small Flatscreen (LCD or LED) Monitors or TV’s (29″ or less): $15.00 *

Computer Towers, or Laptops: $15.00 *

Misc E-Waste: (Blenders, Toasters, Printers, Vacuums, etc.) $7.00 (or more, depending on size and weight)

Handheld: (Curling iron, Mouse, Keyboard, Cell Phone, Camera, etc.) $2.00

* Please refer to our wishlist near the top.  We can reuse a lot of this equipment for students, First Nations Government or non-profit organizations.  Reuse is always better than recycling when possible.