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Frequently Asked Questions


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1. What is the main differences between Windows and Linux?

Windows and Linux are two examples of common "operating systems" which are software platforms that help you communicate with your computer. Both allow you to install programs that you might need, and to surf the internet in search of cute cat videos in whatever internet browser you've chosen (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge).

The difference is that while Windows is closed source, meaning that only Microsoft technicians can look at and manipulate the code, Linux is open source. Open Source may sound less secure as anyone who wants to can open a program and take a look through the code, but it actually means that there are more potential eyes available to find security holes and broken pieces of code. Windows under Microsoft has a much higher budget for advertising and development because it's not a free product, and Linux benefits from crowd sourced security, and community support when there's a problem.

We normally recommend Linux to any of our clients that don't have much experience with either since Linux is a lot easier to secure, and runs lighter on older computer hardware.

To learn more, you can look at our Windows and Linux support pages here: http://cfsy.ca/community/index.php?forums/cfsy-help.25/

2. What do I have to do to get a computer from you?

If you're a student, you can ask your teacher to apply on our website on your behalf (as well as any other students that need a computer to work on at home). Otherwise, if you're a teacher, or administration in a non-profit or First Nations organization or government, or staff at a library or museum, we can help you with computer equipment for cheap. We do have a completely free option as well, so if your organization is tight on funds, we can still help you out.

3. How much are your computers?

We have a range of different equipment and an updated list of prices on the "Apply for Computer" section of the site, but our prices range from free to $85 for the top of the line laptop. All of our prices remain much lower than what it is worth as we prioritize access and impact in our community.

4. Where does Computers for Schools Yukon get our equipment from?

Some of our computers are sourced from the public drop offs at Raven Recycling, or here at our shop, but the large majority of our computer desktops come from the Yukon Government, and most of our laptops are actually shipped up from Ontario and sourced from the Federal Government. The Yukon doesn't produce as much laptop e-waste for whatever reason.

5. What are the qualifications for the technicians you hire?

The main qualification is that the prospective technician needs to be graduated high school, and preference is given to students who have gone on to post secondary programs. This is a Federally funded internship and our government wanted to focus on youth, especially giving first time job experience to graduates right out of post secondary studies. A lot of the time people like this have the knowledge, but not enough job experience to back it up. With this in mind, the maximum age is set at 30 years old.

Our technicians can come from various backgrounds, the main thing is that they want to pursue development of their technical skills for their future.

6. How did you scare Ean's hair off his head?

That's... top secret. He doesn't want to revisit that memory.
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