As you may or may not know, our mission is to take pre-owned computer equipment and refurbish (breathe new life into) it so it can benefit schools, educational non-profits, and aboriginal organizations.

Right now, the minimum standard for what we can provide to clients is:

  • Dual Core (or Core 2 Duo)
  • 2.0 Ghz Processor
  • 17″ (Preferably 19″) LCD or LED monitor
  • mouse, keyboard, etc.

When computers are dropped off at the Raven Recycling Depot, we charge a flat fee of $5 per item.  Computer towers, Laptops, and flat screen (LCD or LED) monitors, and battery backup power or more accurately “Uninterruptible Power Supplies” are all $5.  We accept keyboards, mice, speakers, external hard drives, flash (USB) drives, and tablets free of charge.  Businesses can arrange to drop off computer equipment at our warehouse for the same price.

Computers for Schools Yukon and Raven Recycling Society have partnered so that we can accept computers for recycling that fall below our minimum standards here at CFSY.  This effort ensures that the components from computers that aren’t able to be refurbished for reuse don’t end up in our landfill, or any other for that matter.

All computers donated to us through our public drop off at the Raven Recycling Society depot, will either get refurbished for a renewed life cycle, or if that’s not possible, they get taken apart and recycled responsibly.  Any fees that are paid to Raven Recycling help to cover costs for transportation of components to a processor in Alberta.  This way the raw product can be reused for something else.

Data security is a top priority for us here at CFSY, so when we receive equipment from the public we remove the hard drives and lock them away until the drive can be sanitized properly before reuse.  When I say “sanitized”, we actually use a process that overwrites all your personal data 7 times so that it’s unrecoverable, and only then is it safe to reuse in a computer for a new client.  Our data sanitation methods are to the same standard used by our Federal Government, and the RCMP.


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