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New “CFSY Community” Forum

It’s been really busy here at Computers for Schools Yukon, which may be apparent from the lack up updates on our website. We realized one day that instead of answering all questions individually, we could build an online resource where clients (if they prefer) can research and find an answer, or ask a question that anyone can answer.  Don’t get… Read more →

2015 Education, Career and Volunteer Expo

If you’re around on Thursday October 29th, and are looking at finding a new job opportunity, or volunteering in an interesting organization where you can learn new skills, come check out the 2015 Education, Career and Volunteer Expo at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre. We’ll be there talking to everyone who’s interested who stops by our table.   Read more →

School is Here Again!

Many parents are subconsciously hearing the song “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” as their kids go back to school.  I personally have some friends and family who have little people heading in for their first year of school, so I imagine situations like that are more bittersweet.  Either way, it means that we at CFSY are shifting… Read more →

Keeping it cool

Here we are approaching the free release of Windows 10 for anyone who owns Windows 7 or 8.1, and our main battle has been cooling our office. The weather has certainly been an obstacle for us in the office, even though it’s been really nice when we’re outside. With all of the computers that are running in such a small… Read more →

Windows 10 and the free upgrade!

So, in case you’ve been living in solitude within a Tibetan monastery, or perhaps a hunting cabin in the woods, Microsoft has announced that anyone with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 will be getting a free, full upgrade to Windows 10.  The upgrade becomes available after July 29th, and if all the updates are installed on your computer, you might… Read more →

Momentum in 2015

Computers for Schools Yukon hasn’t seen momentum like this in a long time.  In October we lucked out and had some really great technicians apply for the Technical Work Experience Program.  Here in March 2015 when it came time to hiring some more T.W.E.P. Technicians, we got even more great applications in, so the work is spreading and quality talent… Read more →


It’s nearing the middle of February and things are smok’in along here at CFSY. Our technicians have been churning out computer orders so efficiently that we’ve run out of 32 bit Windows Licences ahead of schedule. More are on their way though! We are also learning more about Ubuntu Linux as an option for computers. It’s an excellent option for… Read more →

Hello 2015!

I’ve noticed that we haven’t been updating everyone more than once per year.  It’s easy to let work take over and forget about the website  🙂  We’ll endeavor to update everyone more frequently. The first big change that is happening is correcting something that shouldn’t have happened in the first place!  In the past Computers for Schools Yukon has mostly… Read more →

Windows Xp is no longer available

With Microsoft no longer supporting windows Xp, we wont be able to give out computers with windows Xp installed and will be completely switching to windows 7. Because we are billed for the individual windows 7 licenses we will have to charge $15 per computer. If you have an old Xp system from us and would like an upgrade, submit… Read more →

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